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Meet Carolyn


Welcome to Parental Alienation Consulting, where understanding, support, and guidance converge to empower parents to navigate the complex challenges of divorce, parental alienation, and domestic violence.


I'm Carolyn MacCloud, a dedicated mother of three, a survivor of domestic violence, a paralegal, and an alienated parent on a mission to bring clarity and assistance to those facing similar struggles.


Over the past decade, my personal journey led me to delve deep into the intricate dynamics of parental alienation. In March 2020, I joined forces with Dr. Jennifer Jill Harman as her assistant, dedicating my efforts to assist parents seeking guidance during tumultuous times. Through this collaboration, I have been privileged to help thousands of parents from around the world comprehend the nuances of parental alienation, offering invaluable resources, aiding with legal cases, and providing coaching and consultation services to parents and attorneys nationwide.

My commitment to this cause extends beyond personal experiences, as I have actively collaborated with reputable organizations such as Violence Free Colorado and the National Center on Domestic Violence Trauma and Health. As a proud member of PASG (Parental Alienation Study Group) and PAS (Parental Alienation Support), I continuously engage with experts and researchers in the field. 

My goal is to foster a community where individuals facing the challenges of parental alienation can find understanding, resources, and compassionate guidance. Together, let's navigate this journey towards healing and empowerment.

I am one of the fortunate parents to reunite with my eldest daughter. She and I were able to tell our story and how we reconnected after 6 years of darkness. I pray my other two will reach out someday.  Click to hear our story on the Let's Table That Podcast!

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